Shipping & Delivery

Shipping & Delivery

At Jewel In Black, our aim is to ship our products as fast as possible with lower delivery rates. We deliver worldwide, and cover almost every district of India.

Processing your order

We try our best to ship goods to you as soon as possible. It will take us about 1-5 business days to ship goods out of our warehouses across India. However if the quantities ordered are more than 5 pieces per product per style, or if the item ordered is under production, it may take longer to process your order as each and every item is hand-made hence unable to beat machines that can produce in volumes. In situations like that we will inform you via mail

To calculate how much time it will take you to receive your product, please add the shipping times given below to the 5 days in order to know your delivery time.


Within India



Domestic shipping companies



​8 - 10 business days


A single flat rate of INR 99.

Additional Support

If you require any assistance in understanding our Shipping policy please do not hesitate to call us at +91-901-5326-331 (India & International) or email us at

About The Founders

Pooja Mehra

Pooja Mehra had always been an artist at heart. From a young age, she loved to draw and paint, and as she grew older, her passion for art only intensified. It wasn't until she discovered the art of jewelry design that she truly found her calling.
Pooja spent countless hours pouring over design books and studying the work of famous jewelry designers. She spent even more time in her studio, experimenting with different materials and techniques until she found the perfect balance of form and function.
As her skills as a jewelry designer grew, Pooja began to notice a disturbing trend in the industry. All the jewelry available on the market seemed to be designed solely for women, and even then, the designs were often overly feminine and delicate.
Pooja knew that there were many strong, independent women out there who didn't want to wear dainty jewelry. They wanted something bolder and more expressive, something that spoke to their strength and independence.
And so, Pooja decided to start her own jewelry brand, one that would cater to these bold and independent women. She called it Jewel in Black, and from the moment she launched her first collection, it was an instant success.
Pooja's designs were unlike anything anyone had seen before. They were strong and bold, featuring dark metals and angular shapes that were both striking and empowering.